Peas and Plums started with a simple goal in mind…

to design wearable clothes that suit the hectic lifestyle of modern day women, pieces that carry them from work to leisure seamlessly.


Our thought process begins with a priority to create a sleek and solid structure for women to add on their personal touches, allowing each the space to define her own look.


We believe that style should not be a trade-off for comfort and neither should quality be compromised for the sake of affordability. Apparent as it may sound, it takes a tenacious, unwavering resolve to keep to this commitment in the face of fierce challenges from the current climate of cheap and fast fashion.


To assure quality and uniqueness to our designs, we devote ourselves to designing our own clothes. We place much attention and emphasis particularly to the cut of the garments so as to create clothes that offer a flattering fit to our customers


Our clothes are not meant to overplay but to complement and accentuate the wearer. Focusing on little details to give our creative spin to the staples, we aim to elevate style in our most preferred way…effortlessly.