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Peas n Plums is a Singapore label and we have been designing and producing ladies’ and children’s apparels since 2017.


The Covid-19 pandemic drove us - as it did many small businesses - to reinvent both our products and our purpose. On top of continuing to be a viable outfit, we also wanted to play our part in facilitating mindful consumerism- reduce wastage and waste by making useful and practical products that enable our customers to buy more mindfully.


We moved our production from our overseas factory partners back home to craft-to-order right here in Singapore. In response to the shift to WFH arrangements, we also focused on creating quality, practical products,  like sleeves and bags for laptops and tablets. And to encourage our customers to shop more mindfully, we started personalisation and customisation options, creating products that meet specific needs and preferences.


As we continue to navigate this uneven and fluid pandemic world, we will strive to design and create good-quality products with a strong aesthetic: The kind of shopping that our customers - like ourselves - would love and love to use for a long time.