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3 Shopping Myths

1. The MORE, the MERRIER!

Opening your wardrobe and declaring that you have nothing to wear! How often has this happened to you even though your cupboard is jam-packed with clothes. Now, picture yourself in a food court where there are countless choices and still you don’t know what to eat. Instead of making it easier, being spoilt for choices makes decision making a longer and harder process. Like many things in life, it’s not about quantity but quality. Instead of buying frivolously, collect key pieces. Evaluate your body type and what looks good on you. If you find it tough, just take note of what you are wearing next time when you receive compliments on how you look. Build your wardrobe around those styles and silhouettes. Just 2-3 variations of that particular look will do the job well. Keeping it simple will not only make it easier for you when thinking of what to wear but ultimately it is also kinder to your wallet. 

2. It’s CHEAP, it’s a BARGAIN!

The internet has created a marketplace like never before. Consumers now have easy access to products at prices that used to be unheard of. This, together with the consolidate power of multi-national clothing retail companies, have created what is known as cheap and fast fashion. Thus, resulting in people buying more than they need. Never mind if the clothes might not even fit them. I had a conversation with a girlfriend the other day and was quite shocked to learn that the normal “hit” rate ( meaning the clothes actually fit you and look decent on you) is 50% or less when she does online shopping Yes, they are cheap. So cheap that if they don’t fit, it’s no love lost to give away and if no one wants it, you can still “do some good” by giving them to charity. However, if you sit down and do the maths, it is really not as good a bargain as you think it might be. Say you spend $100 online on multiple pieces of garments, the goods arrive and out of which, only half of them fit you. Note that as the garments are cheap, so chances are the quality of the material and the workmanship are unlikely to be fantastic. So really, you are spending $100 but look like $50 worth. After a few washes, there are either holes or the garments are out of shape from the washing and then you start the entire process of spending hours combing through the website looking for another so called “bargain”. It is a total waste of time, money and resources! 

3. A branded bag is the BE-ALL-AND-END-ALL of being fashionable

I have to admit, you cannot and should not underestimate the power of marketing. Those glossy pages of the magazines have a way of calling out your name to buy something from them. Most of the time, that something would be a BAG! The actress or model is paid millions of bucks to look like a million bucks while carrying that IT bag. So, if you own a bag like hers, surely that look will rub off on you too. Sadly, the answer is NO! Carrying a branded bag will not have the super power to beautify you in a second. Just like wearing lipstick will not transform a bulldog into a woman. It is all about the package. You have to put some effort into your outfit and the way you dress to look good. Often time, I see women on the street carrying their branded handbags while the rest of their outfit looks scruffy. I am bewildered to see women who could be bothered to spend so much money on their handbags, just didn't bother to spend a bit of effort to dress up! Is she rocking the bag or the bag rocking her?! How about using a fraction of what you would spend on a branded bag to buy clothes that have better cuts and of better qualities, splurge on a good haircut/style and become the woman who rocks the bag rather than the woman who just happened to own a CxxxxL (i.e. if it's authentic!) .

- E.

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